Rocking chairs

We are very proud to present our new rocking chair collection. Our know-how, that has been growing since our establishment in 1961, along with the many innovations in our designs that have mixed comfort with tradition, allow us today to offer you a wide variety of customized rocking chairs that are unique in Canada.

From the drafting table to the final product, each model is unique, as well as attracting for expert eyes, with either a traditional or contemporary look. Certainly, one of our customized models will perfectly match your furniture style.

Each chair is assembled with great care, in our workshop in Berthierville, Quebec, by one of our qualified artisans. Many finishes and fabrics are available, enhancing its final appearance according to your expectations. Comfortable, safe and made from solid birch, the rocking chair built at Atelier St-Jean rocks like no other!

We invite you to look at our rocking chair models by clicking on the Rocking Chairs menu above.